Brighton's Polar Plunge

by Alex McRill | 1-29-2020

Student's and teachers jump in the Mill Pond to raise money for Special Olympics

Every year around this time, students, teachers, family, and friends come to see a few brave souls take the plunge into Brighton High School's Mill Pond. Each volunteer who jumps in the pond is sponsored by students and staff that raised a lot of cash to get them to take the plunge in honor of Special Olympics. One teacher, Hannah Gadola stated that, I really did not want to jump in that nasty frozen lake but it's all for a good cause! No matter how much I hate that lake I love my students more! Brighton student's that participate in special Olympics sure do appreciate the support. Some students from the team even decided to jump in as well!

Sounds fun but isn't that dangerous?

Even though this all sounds exciting there is some risk involved. The frigid air coupled with the frozen waters sounds like a pair that could lead to disaster for students and staff but the Brighton Fire Department is always there for the volunteers to make sure everyone comes out safe, albeit still a little cold. This year the Fire Department was decked out in their Star Wars gear. Dressed as storm troopers and the ever famous Darth Vader, the team was there to make sure everyone was safe while still having fun! NHS volunteers also waited outside the Mill Pond with Hot chocolate and warm cookies for those who took the plunge to enjoy!

The Grand total is...

One of the most important parts of this event though is the team they were raising money for! Brighton Special Olympics counts on the support from the community every year to keep their team running smoothly and well prepared for each game. This year the population of BHS raised a grand total of $31,300! What a great win for the Brighton Unified Dogs!

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