Wilting Flower
Green Tan Red Navy
rgb value = rgb(191, 211, 128): I converted my original hex values to numbers. rgb value = rgb(204, 171, 121): For this I just converted the hex values to numbers. rgb value = rgb(83, 0, 26): I converted my hex values for this as well. rgb value = rgb(26, 0, 42): I also converted my hex values for this as well.
hex value = #bfd380: The higher the values of RGB the lighter the color will be and the largest amount of color in this is green, then red, then blue hex value = #ccab79: To get a light brown I needed higher values of red green and blue so that it is closer to white and then I needed almost an even amount of red and green and a little smaller amout of blue so that the color isn't as cool. Having all of the colors mix together it would create a more muted muddy brown color. hex value = #53001a: For this dark red, I needed all of my colors to be on the very low end of the number spectrum so that the color is closest to black. There is no green in this as it is mostly red and then a little bit of blue. hex value = #1a002a: This one is very similiar to the red as it has no green and is on the lower side of the number scale but it is mostly blue toned and it has a tint of red.
hsl value = hsl(75, 55%, 65%): For this green I needed a green-yellow hue, and a more medium lightness and saturation. hsl value = hsl(35, 40%, 65%): For this color I needed an orange hue with about a medium level of lightness and saturation. hsl value = hsl(335, 100%, 15%): For this color, I needed a red-purple color so it is in the late 300's and then I needed 100% saturation and very low lightness so that it is a darker color. hsl value = hsl(270, 100%, 10%) For this color I needed to be in the high 200's because I needed a blue color that was almost purple. The color is fully saturated and has only 10% lightness because it is almost black in color.

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